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Helsinki, Finland
Lohja, Finland
Running on Linux
Directory server
SSNE Central
  Directory server information
The directory server is provides a way for clients to retrieve a list of zones that are currently online and running. This server provide information on any zones that have registered with this directory server. This information includes the name and description of the zone, the ip and port that should be used to connect to the zone, the server version, whether or not a billing server is connected to the zone, as well as the number of players in the zone.

Software used: Central 1.4 (distributed directory server)
Directory server address:
  Directory server mirrors by: Doc Flabby
SSCU Servers by: SSCU Servers
  Continuum population statistics

More population statistics available at
  Directory server statistics
Total zones connected to the directory server: 24 zones
Total players online: 218 players
  Zones connected to SSNE Central directory server
Zone IP-address Port Players
Battlestar Galactica 1579 3
Development Zone 1010 8
GH Zone 3 10000 0
SSCE Hockey/Football Zone 7501 2
SSCE Hyperspace 5005 6
SSCJ Desert Storm 12030 0
SSCJ Devastation 7022 13
SSCJ Distension 12010 0
SSCJ DragonBall Z 12020 0
SSCJ Galaxy Sports 7240 0
SSCJ Hub 12000 1
SSCJ MetalGear CTF 14000 2
SSCU DSB Dev 3610 0
SSCU Death Star Battle 3600 23
SSCU Extreme Games 7900 25
SSCU Trench Wars 5400 55
SSCW Apocalypse Hell 24651 1
SSCW Armageddon 24852 1
SSCW Galactic Warfare 24351 11
SSCW Quadrents Of War 25024 1
SSCX Omega Fire 23001 6
SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS 13500 43
SSGO Ground Warfare (SSC) 11001 9
T3 The Gauntlet! (SSC) 11011 8
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